Sunday, 13 March 2016

13th March - Infinity vs The Youngest

I know I'm bombarding you all with Infinity games at the moment and not a lot else but this Beast of War/Corvus Belli campaign has really got me fired up about the game :). That being said The Wife has been making some decent headway on her Relics models so I'm thinking I might try to get a game in to break it up a little.

This time I got a game in against The Youngest and her USAriadna. I have to say tactically she made very few mistakes, but I've never seen dice hate someone so consistently. Apart from maybe seven rolls (I'm not exaggerating) every single one of her rolls was against her, if she needed low she rolled high, when she needed high she rolled low. To her credit she didn't let it get to her and continued on and in the last turn of the game she managed two high point cost kills which lifted her spirits. Again a link to the "official" report here.

After a huge success at the Sagres tracking station we were redeployed yet again, this time due to an Ariadna strike force advancing on our limited Camp Antela holdings. We managed to come upon them while they were unprepared and while they quickly readied themselves to face us we moved moved swiftly to engage.

The Rachio stomped it’s way to the edge of the abandoned Medical centre opening up a clear firing line on the two Minutemen out on the flank quickly dropping both men unconscious. An Unidron pushes it’s way through the thick undergrowth and spotting a target at maximum carbine range through the foliage takes a shot. Despite the odds the 112 Emergency Service Volunteer is also dropped out for the count. A second batroid is advanced an while reactionary rifle fire from two distant Grunts and a Foxtrot Ranger whirs through the canopy it’s carefully tuned senses pick out the camouflaged Hardcase Frontiers man on the roof revealing the man to his allies. The Rachio sends a few bursts up toward the troopers on the distant roof and takes out a Grunt and the Foxtrot Ranger but the final Grunt dodges the heavy caliber fire moving into a more covered position. The Fraacta drops in and cautiously advances to the edge of the armoury to offer some covering fire on the right flank of the Combined Army attack. The Med-Tech Obsidon Medchanoid sensing a chance to achieve a classified objective during this engagement advance toward the centre of the field. Finally the Malignos decides that the distant Devil Dog is a nice opportunity for a shot but despite being surprised by the oncoming fire the halfbreeds heightened senses allow him to effortlessly avoid the attack.

The Devil Dog sniffs out the nearby Fraacta but before his smoke grenade can land the Umbra takes a shot wounding the beast. The Maverick biker races ahead xchanging fire with the Malignos. Despite moving at pace and through the terrain the human soldier lands a hit on the Shasvastii trooper but his armour holds. The rest of the fire is aimed toward the Fraacta who’s armour holds against the first shot but the second forces the jump trooper into survival mode. The Devil Dog drops more smoke and advances behind the newly created screen. The paramedic grunt begins moving toward the 112 Volunteer. The Marauder advances on the Combined Army TAG but is caught by an explosive round and is killed instantly, sending the Ariadna force into disarray as their Lieutenant hits the ground.

The Maakrap begins his advance through the med centre coming out the back door firing, though none of his shots hit their distant targets. The soldier then sets himself up to provide suppression across the field of engagement. The Rachio begins pushing through the jungle again taking out the Grunt atop the building with his first salvo, then while the Devil Dog manages to get smoke down to protect itself the Hardcase is not so lucky and the survivalist troop is taken out in a hail of bullets.
The Devil Dog and his Antipode charge catch the scent of the advancing Med-Tech Medchanoid and throw down smoke and begin to move on the Combined Army medic. Unfortunately for him the fire from the flanking Maakrap and a Unidron mortally wounding him from the flank. The Maverick carries on toward the Fraacta under smoke but the Maakrap’s Multi-spectral visor allows him to see the advancing solider and his suppression fire put the woman unconscious. The paramedic Grunt decides to continue on his mission to revive the fallen medic but ultimately it is too late for the wounded soldier and he is left lifeless despite the best efforts of the soldier. One of the remaining camo’d Foxtrot Rangers takes aim with his sniper rifle and takes a shot surprising the distant Unidron who’s reactive time just is not quick enough to avoid the oncoming rounds and it falls to the ground no longer operational. Finally the other camouflaged Foxtrot advance for a better position on the Fraacta, but doesn’t reveal himself yet.

The Umbra seeing the need to remove the covering sniper before the Combined medic advances any further begins a drive through the jungle to the nearby habitation module climbing to the roof. The distant HMG armed Grunt opens fire but the quick footed alien avoids the fire from him while his fire puts the paramedic down badly wounded. Deciding that further the objective of the EI is more important than his own safety he advances towards the edge ready to jump down and cut down the sniper below him but a round from the Grunt finds it’s mark this time and he crashes to the roof unconscious throwing the Combined Army team into disarray until some one can resume command of the field. As the Umbra falls the Medchanoid quickly assess that the opportunity is lost and heads back toward the cover of the buildings giving up his attempt of sabotage.
The final un-revealed Foxtrot slides into the corner of the nearby building and opens fire at the Fraacta with his boarding shotgun, but to no effect as the Fraacta avoids the heavy slugs. The freshly promoted Grunt full of adrenaline after his recent Umbra kill climbs the roof of a nearby building and rains fire down upon the aliens below attempting to sell his life dearly. The return fire from the Combined Army forces below is deadly with it’s accuracy but the Malignos falls to the ground activating it’s embryo as the lifeless human drops heavily to the rooftop. The Foxtrot sniper attempts one last shot at the Fraacta hitting the creature despite the range and covering terrain between them but it’s heavier survival form armour saves it and the last two Ariadna soldiers are forced to withdraw leaving the Combined Army force victorious.

The Youngest has had a bit of a look at her list and has thought of a few tricks for our next game. She's also got a bit of a wishlist now for some more variety in what she can field.