Sunday, 27 March 2016

27th March - 26th March Infinity vs The Brother

Got another couple of games of infinity in this week, one with Toby and one against The Brother. There's a link here for the game against Toby. There is of course a link here for the game against The Brother.


We had just finished cleaning up after repelling the previous Haqq-Islamic attack when suddenly a force of Caledonian Ariadna soldiers appeared on the outskirts of our acquisitions. We took the advantage of what time we had and fortified and then they were on us.

The Cameronian soldier surged forward behind smoke followed by a group of the 45th Highlander Rifles. This was accompanied by the ringing shot of a T2 sniper rifle as the Cateran lined up the distant Sogarat but the Morat’s heavy armour soaked the blow. Another round of fire saw the trooper drop his head behind the cover. Unfortunately this gave the Scots guards fire team a chance to open threaten the embedded Combined Army troopers. The next two attacks from the missile launcher toting Scottish soldier had both the Kurgat and an Unidron Batroid suffer an explosive death. Pushing their advantage the humans moved to defend against any alien movements.

A second Unidron moved to attack the Wolver soldier but it was quickly felled by the T2 ammo from the halfbreed soldiers rifle. The Sogarat pops his head back up and takes out the Wolver with his Feuerbach and then moves off ignoring the sniper rounds that impacted harmlessly on it’s heavy armour. The Malignos hacker moved to drop a mine to threaten the Scots guard fire team and attempts to Data Hack an enemy soldier as per EI instructions but is unable to land the program.

The Cameronian attempted to drop smoke but was unable to beat the speed of the Maakrep tracker who left the beast bleeding. The Highlanders though managed to put down a large amount of smoke obscuring the entire flank of the battlefield. The Ariadna link team somehow manages to dodge the oncoming fire of both the anti-personnel mine and the watching Sogarat. They continue to move and the Sogarat finally succumbs to the large amount of armour piercing rounds coming his way and the Morat falls to the ground dead. Pushing their advantage the team moves and sends a hail of bullets at the Malignos but the Shasvastii hacker ducks quickly into the back door of the nearby building. Not to be discouraged the Scots guard edge forward and another Combined Army casualty in the form of the Med-Tech Obsidon Medchanoid is left unconscious on the ground.

Seeing victory slipping through his fingers the Umbra decides to take matters into his own hands, rapidly heading into combat tearing through a member of the link team though as the human fell to the ground the missle launcher dropping from his fingers. Feeling a nagging pain the alien lieutenant looked down to see the life ebbing from his bullet torn torso as he too slowly toppled down. The Malignos stuck his head out attempting to take out another member of the Scots guard while they were distracted but his shot went wide and he quickly ducked back into cover.

With the Combined force in tatters the Ariadna men quickly took control of two of the facilities antennas, though with difficulty giving the Malignos hacker several attempts to finish his Classified Objective saving a small measure of his forces dignity.
The remains of the Combined Army force withdrew from the field, leaving victory in the hands of the Ariadna soldiers.
It was his first full game of Infinity and we both had a great time. He's done a write up on his blog site as well which you can find here. I think we're going to push to try to get another one in while he's on holidays. On a hobby note I'm not too far off finishing my Britanan Highlanders which feature my first crack at tartan so I'll hopefully get them done and photographed soon.

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