Thursday, 17 March 2016

17th March - 15th March Infinity vs The Wife (Flamia Island Campaign)

The Wife and I clashed again, this time in the Astroport. I know I said I'd play something else but I've got the Infinity bug at the moment :). The campaign report is here.

After our victory over the Nomads we quickly consolidate our newly acquired territory and move so seize more of this vital theatre. It is on our initial outward push we come across our familiar foe the Pan-Oceania.

Unable to get a clear line of fire to any of the PanO the Combined Army advances quickly into the first and second quadrants while the Fraacta drop trooper successfully drops into the the third putting the pressure on the human forces.

The Auxilia and it's bot move into the fourth quadrant. A Fusilier armed with a HMG firing at the Umbra and an Unidron. The Umbra hits the Fusilier sending him scurrying for cover, some of the Auxilia's rounds hit the Unidron but it's amour holds and it stands firm. The Nisse hacker sends rifle fire down the street knocking out the Unidron. The Umbra's return fire is accurate and the human drops instantly to the ground unconscious as the rounds pass through his armour. Another Fusilier rounds the corner this time armed with a Combi rifle. The line trooper tries to dodge the Umbra's fire but luckily for her the aliens shots this time are as terrible as her attempt to dodge. Over by the third quadrant the Hospitaller moves to clear the Fraacta from the zone, but her return fire finds a critical weakness in the Knight's amour and he is left bleeding. The Jotums moves into the quarter firing rounds at the Fraacta, with the second burst forcing the alien into survival mode. This saw control of the battlefield split evenly, with two quadrants each

The Malignos chose this moment to reveal himself with a surprise shot across at the two Fusiliers but in it's haste managed to completely miss both targets. The Rachio pilot moves his machine forward into the third quadrant tipping control toward the Combined Army where it belonged. The Shasvastii sniper berating himself internally for such a woeful opening shot lines up the Fusilier carrying the HMG and two rounds put the man down one catching him in an armour seal and one bursting through the protection. Feeling that his luck is turning he then lines up the other missed target and two quick rounds put her down too again with deadly accuracy. The Fraacta decides that if she was going to survive to fight getting out of the Jotums line of fire was essential so with burst of combi rifle fire she makes her move, the Hospitaller attempts to keep his head down and luckily the Jotums answering shot is as wildly inaccurate as her own and she makes it to safety. With the approach clear the Med-Tech Obsidon Medchanoid streams across the now empty street quickly delivering a D-charge to the vehicle in front of him succeeding in his Classified Objective. The Malignos also takes advantage of the lack of PanO troops in site and re-camouflages.

The Auxilia 'bravely' sends his remote around the corner and flames spew from the bot, but the serpentine reactions of the Medchanoid see it easily dodge the oncoming flames as it slithers to safety. The Jotums moves deeper into the quadrant firing at the Rachio through a narrow window but the Morat pilot proves to be the better shot and the human TAG takes some structural damage. The Hospitaller tries to pull back in an attempt to try a different approach but the Fraacta's rifle fire catches a weak point in his armour and the damage knocks the solider unconscious. The remaining Fusilier edges his way to get a shot at the Combined Army medic but as it easily dodges the rounds an accurate K1 shell from the distant Umbra Legates has his lying senseless on the pavement. The Auxilia sends the remote to do his dirty work again but again the Med-Tech easily avoids the attack. The battlefield is now firmly falling to the Combined onslaught with all four quadrants currently under alien control.

The Fraacta advances behind cover running constant Stop! programs against the Jotums and despite a failure and a successful reset attempt from the remote operator the drop trooper finally succeeds in immobolising the machine and manages to fry a small portion of it's circuitry. The Umbra moves to get a firing position but is unable to land a hit as the machine dodges out of the way deeper into cover. The Combined Lieutenant advances again and this time makes sure all three rounds slam into the metal frame tearing through internal machinery and destroying the bot, he then continues his advance and ensures the the fourth quadrant stays in Combined control. The Rachio moves to a better position to cover against any further encroachment on their newly acquired territory and the Medchanoid heads to explore the depths of the TAG maintenance bay removing itself as a potential target.

The Jotums operator manages to pull of a reset order and while the systems reboot the Akal Commando makes his first move of the battle carefully rounding the cover and sending a E/Mitter round at the Rachio though the pilot avoids the round and ducks behind the covering edge of the building. The human tries to give chase but caught be the Kurgat as his Autocannon round leads the man to suffer a rather explosive death. The ORC trooper moves to the covering edge of the vehicle he'd been cowering behind the entire time and fires a burst from his MULTI rifle but not only does the Umbra's armour hold the alien treats the oncoming shells as if they were nothing holding firmly in his position. The Jotums then rounds the corner bathing the Fraacta in flame, but the brave soldier puts the needs of the many ahead of her own and runs another Stop! program letting the flames wash over her. Her bravery is rewarded as the program fries more circuitry leaving the TAG disabled and she emerges from the flames unscathed. Again all four quadrants are in the hand of the Combined Army and the tattered remains of the PanO force quickly limp back deeper into city.

Another crushing defeat for the PanOceania  in the name of the EI.

Another great game and The Wife is really starting to come along, the dice didn't treat her as well as myself but we both had a good time. I'm a bit busy with work at the moment and the weather hasn't been great, but their will be some pictures of the finished Kurgat soonish.

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