Tuesday, 1 March 2016

1st March - Infinity vs The Wife and Finished Nomad Iguana

After a couple of attempts to get a full size game of Infinity in against The Brother foiled by various acts of god, The Wife decided that we'd get a game in on Monday. A quick scale down of the army list to compensate for not having the Auxilia painted up for the Pan O yet. It's the first game I've got in outside the Operation Icestorm box and with my Combined Army.

I don't have a write up as such as I was having to double check a few rules here and there, but it was quite a good game with a few long shots paying off for each of us. The Wife taking out my Med-Tech Obsidon Medchanoid with her Orc Trooper needing a 2 or less and rolling a 2 taking him out with a critical hit. I returned the favour a few turns later with my Unidron Batroid needing a 3 and putting her Akalis Sikh Commando in a similar fashion. The true workhorse of the game was my Raicho taking out almost half The Wife's force. It was a great game and I'm looking forward to the next one. The Youngest is hard at work on her USAriadna so we can get a game in and hopefully The Brother and I can reschedule our game sometime soon.

I also finished off the Nomad Iguana for The Eldest to use. I haven't quite finished off the pilot yet but I've almost finished off my current Infinity collection.

Got a few things that might hit the table next but I'm not sure what I'll start up next. I'm thinking I might try to knock over the Infinity stuff but I do have some Britanan Highlanders that are primed and our Relics order did arrive a few days ago....

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