Tuesday, 8 March 2016

8 March - Infinity vs Toby [Beast of War Flamia Island Campaign]

Got another game of Infinity in today, this time against Toby and his Haqq-Islam. He's signed up for the Flamia Island Campaign as well so we stuck to the location mission again. This time it was in the Tianxian Astroport City with a Quadrant Control mission. Basically at the end of the third turn you had to dominate (have the most points value of troops) in each quarter with 1 Objective point for equal or 2 for having more than your opponent. We both went for the Intelcom option with our objective cards which meant we were giving up our chance at a bonus objective point in order to add the cards value as points to a quadrant at the end of the game. Again if anyone is registered and wants to though me a rating on the website the link is here.

Toby won initiative and chose to go first which gave me the deployment choices so I picked my side and set him to deploying first.

 After a victory in Camp Antela my Combined Army squad was rapidly redeployed and found themselves marching through the Astroport with orders to seize as much ground as possible and secure the area as a beachhead for further deployment on the Island. After some initial success they found themselves facing off across the battle torn city at a force of Haqq-Islam with similar orders and the battle began in earnest.

The humans Lasiq sniper claimed the first shot of the match sending one of the Unidrons backing into cover but it’s superior biotech handled the viral ammunition with barely a flutter. A Maghariba lumbered around the corner of a vacated TAG hanger and despite some admirable fire the recently attached Kurgat Engineer failed to damage the machine and was cut down in a hail of HMG fire. The Lasiq lined up a second Unidron this time managing to completely disable the bio-mechanical, but my faithful Malignos felt obliged to return fire but the Lasiq’s unnatural reflexes saved it from the shot. A nearby Ghulam feeling cocky with his HMG carefully poked his out around the corner but the lightning reactions of the elite shasvastii troop and is taken out, although the Lasiq taking advantage of the momentary advantage quickly fires his own round at the Combined Army trooper who proves to be just a second too slow and is left dead on the rooftop.

The Rachio advances into the Quadrant three and fires a burst at the distant Ghulam killing the man before he even has a chance to lift his sniper rifle in response. Meanwhile the Fraacta drops in on the left flank deep in Quadrant one and carefully moving up to the covering building edge kills the unaware Barid who proves to be the ranking officer of this Haqq-Islam group. The Combined Army commander feeling the pressure of the Maghariba locking down the approach of the left flank sends the Fraacta into the medical building using it’s hacking device to run successful Basilisk and Stop! programs in quick succession locking the TAG down for a moment in time and helping to ease the pressure from the flank.

The loss of their Lieutenant send the opposing human force into disarray, leaving them scrambling to adapt to the pressure of the Combined Army assault.
Feeling relatively secure in their control of quadrants three and four, the Combined Army soldiers move to cover any advances from their Haqq-Islamic foes, while the Fraacta after having his successful launched Overlord program fail once again runs a saving Stop! locking the multi-legged vehicle down again.

The Haqq-Islamic commander sensing his back against the wall begins a series of seemingly suicidal attacks on the well dug in alien forces. The Lasiq moving across the rooftops attempts a rushed shot at the Umbra Legates but his Flash Pulse blinds the man and an extremely well placed explosive round from the Raicho’s HMG leaves the sniper in pieces across the rooftop. The Unidron’s manage to uncover the approaching camouflaged Tuareg but the combat doctor takes out one of them though it’s programming refuses to let it drop for the moment. Continuing his suicide run the doctor charges around the corner taking a shot at the Unidron with his shotgun and while the Med-tech Obsidon Medchanoid manages to slither out of the blast the last fully functional Unidron is left leaking fluid waiting for it’s programming to allow it to fall. Somehow the doctor manages to soak the plasma blast from the second Unidron and wisely drops back around the corner. The Hawwa meanwhile tries to flit across the back of the battle field but the eagle eyes of the Umbra uncover the camo’d trooper and the accurate fire of the Raicho takes out any potential threat. Finally the programming of the Unidron’s allows them to fall and they crash lifeless to the ground.

Sensing that the Haqq-Islamic push has shaken the control of the sector the Fraacta quickly runs a Carbonite program on the Maghariba again immobilising the machine. the Rachio charges into the first Quadrant taking a shot the engineer across from it but the shot catches his armour and the man survives. The Obsidon Medchanoid quickly moves back into Quadrant four in an attempt to secure the area.

Both force draw on Intelcom but it’s not enough for either with the Haqq-Islam retaining control of Quadrant one and two and the Combined Army dominating both three and four. Both sides are called to pull back and regroup and that particular area of the besieged city again falls quiet.
I'm really enjoying Infinity at the moment and have almost finished the new Kurgat for my force, I've just got to finish off the basing and he's done. I'd say the unfinished state is whey he had so much trouble hitting that damn TAG during the game so Toby best look out once he's finished ;).