Saturday, 5 March 2016

5th March - Infinity vs The Wife [Beasts of War Flamia Island Campaign]

So The Wife and I had our opening match as part of the Beast of War Infinity Campaign : Operation Flamestrike for control of Flamia Island.

This was our second full size game of Infinity and we both found the we were remembering the various rules of our respective forces a lot quicker this time and even taking notes it was a much quicker game.

You can read the official report here and I think if you vote on the site it'll help out my personal xp and the score for the currently out numbered Combined Army generals; but I've copied a version here as well with a few extra photos. I apologise for the quality of the photos I didn't check the focus properly on a few some I've got some really detailed shots of the higher terrain points :).

We choose Camp Antela as our place of battle which gave us an Annihilation mission.

The Combined Army force in all it's power lined up across from the hard pressed PanO defenders. The next few minutes would help turn the tide for the EI and help achieve control of Flamia Island.

The Gakis surged ahead headless of any sort of tactical advance, but luckily the dense jungle terrain served to help keep them safe from and fire. The Malignos took careful aim and opened the engagement taking out the opposing Akalis before the man could even react killing him instantly. The Orc troopers return fire impacted harmlessly on the covering plate of the tower, but as the sniper lined him up the man quickly ducked around the corner and out of sight leaving the shot to go wide. On the other side of the  battle torn camp the Rachio began it's lumbering advance through the dense terrain eventually coming to the corner of the building and taking a shot at the Auxilia taking cover behind some cargo containers but the man's return fire is enough that both units are unable to land a decent shot. Not letting simple combi-rifle fire keep him down the Rachio again takes opens fire and this time the shots fly true and tear through the mans pitiful excuse for armour leaving the remote vainly await orders for the corpse lying at it's feet.

The PanO advanced cautiously after taking such quick casualties. A Fusilier crept up to the edge of his covering building but the range proved to be too much for both him and the Unidron that spotted him. The Nisse edged up and stuck his head out and began to exchange fire with the Maakrep Tracker. Eventually the Combined warrior landed a hit on the human sniper but his armour held and the man stood firm.

The almost mindless Gakis rushed forward again, disregarding cover and the Nisse took aim and took them both out despite the creatures best attempts to avoid the shots directed their way. One of the Unidrons was directed to flank the Nisse but after a few more deflected shots the Maakrep finally found a weak point in it's armour and the human fell to the ground unconscious.

In a bold move the Jotums broke from cover and the Undiron opened fire but neither the plasma bursts or large caliber shells found their marks, but as the remotely controlled machine carried on with it's forward momentum the Undiron was ripped apart by several direct hits. The Father Knight chose this moment to begin his advance across the field easily evading a shot from the Malignos but the second shot brought the heavily armoured elite trooper to a stop though his unbreakable resolve kept him from dropping back toward his vacated cover.

In a misjudged move the Rachio headed toward the Orc trooper it's heavy machine gun firing on the way, but a mix of the range and the dense jungle meant not a single shell came near it's target though after an intense exchange of fire the Rachio was left with a rather large hole in it's structure. On the opposite flank the reverse match up was happening but again after quite a bit of fire the Maakrep was still on it's feet and despite it's incredibly heavy armour plates the Jotums was rocked to it's core with penetrating HMG fire.

The PanO Lieutenant sensed the day lost with several of his men either down or in a precarious position decided it was do or die and launched a heavy attack of the advancing Combined force. The Jotums sent more fire at the Maakrep but again the deadly return fire left the machine teetering. In an attempt to dig out the offending alien the remaining Auxilia moved to burn it out with it's remote but the Malignos again proved his worth with his covering fire leaving another PanO member knocked out. The Orc trooper began to fire again but the shots went wild, though again none of the return fire managed to hit the lucky soldier. Finally with the last shot before the PanO leader was forced to withdraw the Jotums finally managed to put the Maakrep down, leaving the way clear for the PanO to fall back and regroup for another day.

We both really enjoyed the game and if not for The Wife's gamble at a win it would have ended in a draw. I'm really looking forward to getting in a fair bit on Infinity while this campaign is running with The Youngest looking to challenge me tomorrow (but that will depend on when I get home from work) and both The Brother and Toby hoping to get games in as well.

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